19: Photography exposed

Episode #19 Dec 8, 2014
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This week we learn enough about photography to pick up any camera in the world and bend it to our will.

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“Angie” - as fast as possible:


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18: Distributed teams

Nov 24, 2014 ( Comments )

This week I share what’s great and not so great about working on a distributed team and the tricks I use to make the experience even better.

16: Perfect pull request

Nov 10, 2014 ( Comments )

This week I share how to get project maintainers and co-workers excited about the code you write by building the perfect pull request.

15: Walkabout

Nov 3, 2014 ( Comments )

This week Ben Orenstein stops in Portland, Oregon during his 3 month “walkabout” to teach me how to sing a barbershop tag and to share his thoughts on podcasting, conference talks, code review, and a few uncomfortable situations.

13: Speaking at conferences

Oct 20, 2014 ( Comments )

This week I talk about talking. I share the reasons I love speaking at conferences, why I think you’ll like it too, and how to make your conference talk more exciting and memorable than the rest.

12: Perfect cup of coffee

Oct 13, 2014 ( Comments )

This week Matt Perger, a competitive barista and World Brewers Cup champion, comes on the show to talk about coffee culture, bean roasting, competitive brewing, and how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home.

8: Rubik's Cube Champion

Sep 15, 2014 ( Comments )

This week Feliks Zemdegs, the World Rubik’s Cube Champion, comes on the show to talk about the Rubik’s Cube, the method he uses to solve it, how he trains for a competition, and where we can go to get started with the cube today.

7: Repetitive strain injury

Sep 8, 2014 ( Comments )

This week we get a voicemail from Jonathan in Portland and learn all about RSI, some common myths, who’s at risk, how to prevent it, and why exercise plays an important role in staying pain free.

6: An unforgettable story

Sep 1, 2014 ( Comments )

This week we learn the exact same technique that memory athletes have mastered to memorize hundreds of random words, thousands of random numbers, and stacks of shuffled playing cards.

4: Existential crisis

Aug 18, 2014 ( Comments )

This week we get another voicemail and my brother Nick comes on the show to talk about deterministic multi-core processing, the CFP process for academic papers, how he transitioned from computer scientist to mountain guide, and everything you need to know to summit Mount Rainier.

3: Forty-three quintillion

Aug 11, 2014 ( Comments )

This week I get my first voicemail, explain why I do (and don’t) use a standing desk, and I brush up on my math skills to show why solving the Rubik’s Cube will never be boring.

2: Pineapple in your pocket

Aug 4, 2014 ( Comments )

This week I talk about something I’m super excited about: Memory. By the end of this episode, you will be able to quickly memorize a list of 10 things and understand how to take your memory even further.